Dress code requirements for golf course and practice facilities:
Although designed to be a smart casual setting, the minimum dress code requirements will be enforced.


  1. Proper golf shirts (No T-shirts, soccer shirts or tank tops are permitted).
  2. Long pants or golf shorts (No three quarter, rugby, utility or camouflage shorts and jeans of any kind are permitted).
  3. Sports socks may be worn when wearing shorts.
  4. Golf shoes with soft spikes only.


  1. Proper golf shirts (No T-shirts, shoe string or low cut tops are permitted).
  2. Long pants, three quarter or golf shorts (No mini skirts, utility or camouflage shorts and jeans of any kind are permitted).
  3. Sports socks may be worn when wearing short or three quarter pants.
  4. Golf shoes with soft spikes only.

Members and guests are reminded that their compliance is expected and appreciated. Security and staff have been given instructions to report dress code violations to Management. 


  1. Golf carts for hire shall not be used without prior assignment and registration in the Golf Shop.
  2. Homeowners golf carts must be registered with the Club/Management Company and a registration number (i.e. stand number), must be displayed on the golf cart.
  3. Non-resident members/visitors wishing to use their own golf carts may do so provided they pay a levy of R50.00 per cart per round (9 or 18 holes).
  4. Only battery/electric golf carts will be permitted anywhere on the estate.
  5. Golf carts may be driven by persons over the age of 16 years only.
  6. A person driving a golf cart may be asked to produce valid identification to prove his/her age.
  7. The registered owner of the golf cart is responsible for the members of their household, guests and any persons driving his/her golf cart.
  8. A maximum of 2 persons and 2 sets of golf clubs are permitted per golf cart.
  9. Obey all golf traffic signs.
  10. Always use cart paths where provided, especially near trees and greens.  When in effect use the ninety degree rule and cross fairways only at right angles.  Golf carts are required to remain on cart paths, without exception on Par 3 holes.
  11. Except on cart paths, do not drive a golf cart within thirty metres of green, tee or bunker.
  12. Never drive a golf cart through a hazard.
  13. Never drive a golf cart in the native areas – this includes areas of un-mowed native grass.
  14. Do not cross the white rope with a golf cart.
  15. Please avoid soft areas on fairways.  Use cart paths whenever possible.
  16. Operation of golf cart is at the risk of the owner/lessee.  The operator will be held fully responsible for any and all damages resulting from misuse.
  17. Violations of the golf cart rules may result in loss of cart and/or playing privileges.


Each player is expected to observe rules and etiquette while on the course.

  1. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times.  This is after all the spirit of the game of golf.
  2. Players should not play until the players in front are out of range.
  3. Players should ensure that any electronic device taken on the course does not distract other players.
  4. Players should play at a good pace.  It is a group’s responsibility to keep up with the group in front.  Should it lose its position by a hole and is delaying the group behind, is should allow the group behind to play through, irrespective of the number of players in that group.
  5. To avoid wasting time, players should anticipate the club or clubs they may need and go directly to their ball to play promptly when it is their turn.  If a player is delayed in making their shot they should indicate to another to play out of turn.
  6. The time required to hole out on and around the green is a chief cause of slow play.  Players should study and clear the line of their putt while others are doing the same.  They should be ready to putt when it is their turn and hole out if they can do so without standing on another player’s line of putt.  When playing on or near the putting green, they should leave their bags or carts in such a position as will enable quick movement off the green and to the next tee.  Scoring should be done on the next tee and not on the green.
  7. If a player believes his ball may be lost outside a water hazard or is out of bounds, to save time, he should play a provisional ball.
  8. Maximum length of time per round:  2-Ball – 3 hours 30 minutes, 2/3-Ball – 3 hours 45 minutes, 3/4-Ball – 4 hours 20 minutes.
  9. When entering and leaving bunkers, avoid climbing the steepest parts of the bunker.  Before leaving a bunker, a player should carefully fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints made by using the rake provided.   The rake should be left outside the bunker laying in the direction of play.
  10. Please repair all fairway divots by using the sand provided as well as pitch marks on the green, (repair yours and one another’s).
  11. Do not use a club to remove a ball from the hole.
  12. Pull carts should not be pulled over tees or greens nor between greenside bunkers and the green.


The Management Company will manage and control all aspects of golf, sport, recreation and social activities of its members and visitors, including the clubhouse and recreational facilities.

  1. The hours of operation will be established considering the season of the year and other circumstances.
  2. Mondays are reserved for course maintenance and will be closed unless otherwise arranged.
  3. Management may close the golf course to play whenever the grounds could be damaged by play.
  4. Golf Marshals may be on duty to help regulate play and enforce rules and regulations.  Your co-operation is appreciated.
  5. All food and beverages consumed on the premises must be furnished by Vaal de Gráce unless otherwise arranged.
  6. It is imperative that all players call the Pro Shop to reserve tee times.
  7. Please notify the Pro Shop of any cancellations as soon as possible.  Failure to cancel unused tee times may result in a no-show fee.
  8. All players must register at the Pro Shop and must start play from either the first or tenth tee as directed by the Pro Shop personnel.  “Cutting-in” and starting on any other hole is not permitted.  Failure to check in and register at least 15 minutes before reserved starting time may result in cancellation or set back.
  9. Each player must have their own clubs.  Sharing of clubs is not permitted.
  10. The retrieval of golf balls from any lakes, rivers and water features shall be the sole entitlement of the club.
  11. No games of sport save for golf is permitted on the golf course.
  12. Privately owned golf carts must be in a good condition.
  13. Golfers at their applicable crossings have right of way.
  14. Golf carts shall have right of way over other vehicles within the Estate.  We do however appeal to golfers to use caution when in the vicinity of other vehicles anywhere on the Estate.
  15. The owner of the Golf Course, Management Company, employees or contractors shall not be held liable for any loss of life, personal injury or damage to property suffered by any person whilst in or on the Estate or any part hereof arising from the flight of golf balls or from other cause whatsoever relating to the use of the Golf course.
  16. It is unbecoming for any member or guest to abuse any of the Club’s employees verbally or otherwise.  No employee shall be reprimanded by a member or guest of a member.  Any discourtesy should be reported promptly to the Manager on duty or the General Manager.
  17. All complaints, criticism or suggestions of any kind relating to any of the operations of the Club must be in writing, signed and addressed to the General Manager.
  18. Member sponsored functions requiring use of the Club must be approved by the General Manager.   Sponsors of such functions will be responsible to the Club for all charges, losses or damages.
  19. A cancellation charge for all Club parties and special events will be made if a reservation is not cancelled at least five days prior to the event.
  20. Performance by entertainers will be permitted on the property of the Club only with the permission of the General Manager.
  21. Alcoholic beverages will not be served or sold, nor permitted to be consumed, on the premises during hours prohibited by law.  Alcoholic beverages will not be sold or served to any person not permitted to purchase them under applicable law.
  22. Petitions may be originated, solicited, circulated or posted on Club property only with the prior approval of the General Manager.
  23. The Club facilities shall not be used for functions or fund raising efforts for the benefit of a political cause.
  24. No member shall authorize anyone other than the Club staff to train, teach or give golf lessons.
  25. The roster or list of members in the Club shall not be used or given to anyone by a member or the Club for any reason whatsoever and shall be furnished only to members, and or use in connection with Club business and activities.
  26. Members and guests may be requested by duly appointed agents of the Club to show membership cards at any time.  Upon such request, members shall present their membership cards for inspection.
  27. Casual walking on the golf course is strictly prohibited.